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How to plan a kitchen island

It’s on the wish list of most new kitchens, and for good reason. A cleverly designed island can be a hub for cooking, dining and entertaining, as well as providing invaluable storage and worktop space. A good designer will ensure the kitchen is designed to work perfectly with an island, considering what it will be […]

Worktop choices

Choosing the worktop in your kitchen can seem daunting at first, with so many materials and colours on offer. However, once you understand the basics it’s really quite straightforward. We’ve provided some helpful information to make the process as easy as possible. There are certain worktop materials which are popular for good reason, they can […]

Compact Spaces

We love working with every shape and size of room. A great designer will make the most of even the smallest spaces, the key lies in careful planning and design. When designing a small kitchen it is important to design the layout to suit the space, rather than try to fit a particular style or […]