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The Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Of 2021

Featuring effortlessly stylish, clean lines and simple, uncluttered detailing, contemporary kitchen designs have always been popular with those who prefer a more minimal look. However, since more and more of us are opting for open-plan and broken-plan interiors, sleek modern kitchen styles have become increasingly desirable. With their elegant silhouette and discreet functional features, contemporary […]

How To Incorporate Seating Into Your Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen isn’t just a place to cook and prepare food, it’s often where friends and family gather, whether relaxing with a cup of tea or catching up over a glass of wine. As a social hub, making sure you have enough seating in your kitchen is crucial to the functionality of your design, […]

Planning Your Fitted Kitchen

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build or extension, or your current space is in need of an update, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning your new fitted kitchen. The kitchen is the life and soul of your home; it’s at the heart of your everyday life as well […]

Should You Buy A Modern Range Cooker?

Range cookers offer some great practical benefits and many of our clients absolutely fall in love with their charming and elegant looks, but unfortunately, the range cooker is still sometimes overlooked. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to demystify the range cooker and to help you decide whether you should consider including one in your […]

Choosing A Fitted Kitchen Style

Which Fitted Kitchen Is For You? At Classic Interiors, we offer a range of beautiful, fitted kitchen styles design to perfectly suit your home. From more traditional shaker and in-frame designs to sleek and contemporary handleless and flat-panel units, our designers will work closely with you to create a space that meets all of your […]