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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying a German Kitchen

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More and more people are buying a German kitchen…

Buying a German kitchen is a very popular choice in 2018, but why is this? What makes them so popular and attractive? And why should you consider purchasing one? In this blog post, we’re going to take you through the reasons why we love German, and why it should be on your shortlist of styles for your new project. Here’s why we think you should consider buying a German kitchen…


Why is a German kitchen different?

A German-made kitchen is manufactured to the highest quality, and they differ from a more traditional, English kitchen in their looks and overall feel. Here in England, our styles have always been slightly more conservative, often with heavier worktops, painted wood and proud, shaker-style cabinets.


What is the English Shaker style?

The best way to decipher German from the more English style of kitchen is to understand the Shaker style. Shaker design cabinet doors and drawer fronts were first introduced in the mid-18th century and have stood the test of time here in the UK. So much so that you’ll recognise the design in this picture below…

Notice the sunken panels on each door, and the uniform, chunky handles that make a real feature of the craftsmanship.


The German design

Now, let’s contrast the Shaker style to that of a German kitchen. You’ll immediately see the differences, but not all the changes are immediately apparent. Here, you can see that there are far more hard, sleek edges on the worktops and units (bel0w). Slimmer profiles are used, and everything is designed efficiently, just as you would expect from our European friends. Notice the less chunky worktops, too.

Handles aren’t used in German design – they opt for a handless approach, which looks incredibly modern and classy. Don’t worry, though; even though you can’t see the handles, cupboards and drawers are still simple and easy to open, and you’ll be able to see the finer details with a trip to our showroom which you can find out more about on our Contact Us page by clicking HERE.

Why buy German?

So, apart from a completely different take on design, what other reasons would you consider buying a German kitchen?

The first thing to consider is the engineering pedigree that’s been alive in Germany since the industrial revolution. After all these years, they still lead the way in manufacturing and engineering. They have a fantastic reputation for producing quality in abundance, and the same is true with their kitchens just as it is with their cars.

Where many bespoke English kitchens are made by hand, German kitchens are made by cutting edge, state-of-the-art machines on a production line. This is no bad thing, though, as over many years of using this efficient method, ProNorm (the kitchen brand we supply here at Classic Interiors) have mastered this and supply incredibly hard-wearing, durable kitchens that fit perfectly and last for years. Strength and durability is what German kitchens are known for, and you can be sure that yours would be no different.

Innovation in engineering…

One frustrating thing about a kitchen is storage. Where do a decade of pots and pans go? And where do you put that electric mixer that only appears once a year?

Innovation is one of the biggest plus points of buying a German kitchen. The way that everything comes together is exquisite, for example, the soft closing doors and drawers, the easy-open cupboards, the clever corner cupboards, the rising extraction fans… the list is endless, and a trip to one of our showrooms would really help you to discover the range of ingenuity available.


5 examples of German kitchens that we love…

German kitchen design

#1: Clean as a whistle

If a minimalist style is your kind of thing, this German-inspired double-island galley kitchen could tick some boxes. We like it for it’s classy, sleek approach that maximises workspace.


blue matt finish

#2: A grand theme

One thing we love about a German kitchen is the versatility you have when it comes to choosing colours and finishes. Here, a hearty blue colour is improved by a matt finish, with a dark wood backing for contrast.


square german kitchen

#3: Shifting shapes

In this example, bold shaping turns up the wow factor. Strong edges and corners give a real outline to the yellow and grey that go so well in a matt finish. The textured marble worktop provides contrast and really tickles our fancy!


Buying a German Kitchen

#4: That homely feeling

German design can be incredibly adaptable, and this kitchen makes our favourites list because of the warmth and friendliness it projects as a real, homely kitchen.


German engineering

#5: Symmetrical lines

Symmetry is always strong in this contemporary style of design, and we love the layout of this smaller kitchen. The drawers make the island centrepiece really stand out.

Your next steps…

If you’d like to enquire further about a free design and quote of a German kitchen, why not schedule a meeting with one of our designers at one of our showrooms? You can find out more information by simply clicking below…

Get in touch for a no obligation design and quotation or pop in to a showroom.