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Mixing Metals In Your Kitchen

Mixing Metals Metal finishes within the kitchen are the norm, but this is no longer limited to your appliances and fixtures. Metals have been on trend for a while now – and with no surprises – as when cleverly used, they create a beautiful, personalised kitchen.     Many people can be intimidated by the […]

Innovative Induction

‘Cooking on Gas’ … well Induction Induction hobs are gaining in popularity with their instant heating techniques, efficiency and sleek design. They have a powerful electromagnet and work best with pans made of a magnetic material with a high ferrous content such as iron. Pushing this ingenuity further, Flex Induction by Neff offers ‘enlarged cooking […]

The Top Tap To Transform Your Kitchen

Introducing The New Quooker Flex See our January sale for an exclusive offer on the Quooker Flex.   If you’re looking for a new kitchen, you will undoubtedly be pondering over the style and layout. Just as important though is what appliances will be available to you and your family to ensure that your new […]

Brilliant Boiling For All Kitchens in 2019

Brilliant Boiling Instant boiling water taps are very much on trend in 2019 and for good reason. With their efficiency, safety and space saving benefits they are undeniably a kitchen upgrade that is here to stay. Convenience With convenience being key in many people’s lives today, boiling water taps have been developed to aid peoples […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying a German Kitchen

More and more people are buying a German kitchen… Buying a German kitchen is a very popular choice in 2018, but why is this? What makes them so popular and attractive? And why should you consider purchasing one? In this blog post, we’re going to take you through the reasons why we love German, and […]