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Choosing A Fitted Kitchen Style

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Which Fitted Kitchen Is For You?

At Classic Interiors, we offer a range of beautiful, fitted kitchen styles design to perfectly suit your home. From more traditional shaker and in-frame designs to sleek and contemporary handleless and flat-panel units, our designers will work closely with you to create a space that meets all of your aesthetic and practical requirements.

When planning your new kitchen, it can be tricky to decide which style is right for your space. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the things you might want to consider when choosing a fitted kitchen. It is worth bearing in mind that this is simply a guide, there are no strict rules and you may often find that the boundaries between fitted kitchen styles can be flexible. Rest assured, our knowledgeable kitchen design experts are always on hand in our Birmingham showrooms to offer advice should you need further assistance. But, for now, let’s begin by taking a look at some initial considerations.


The Style of Your Home

While there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to have the same style throughout every room, it can help to think about what will fit in with the rest of your home and the design of your property. Stereotypically, shaker and in-frame fitted kitchens are more classic and thus are more suited to older period properties, however, on-trend detailing and colour schemes can make for a modern and sophisticated look should you wish to add a contemporary twist. Equally, many new builds in Birmingham and across the West Midlands are designed with Georgian external features for a look in keeping with their surroundings. Although you could consider this a modern property, it would suit a classic or contemporary fitted kitchen.


In Frame Shaker Kitchen Birmingham


Our modern flat-panel and handleless fitted kitchens are remarkably adaptable. They can be styled to appear welcoming and understated to suit a suburban family home or can be striking and dramatic giving a bold architectural feel to a modern space. Choose a flat-panel fitted kitchen to bring an urban or industrial vibe to a city home. It is not unusual to find that with conversions, extensions and renovations, the external features of the property aren’t necessarily reflected in the interior, hence it can be best to choose a style that’s in-keeping with your personal taste rather than getting bogged down with perfectly matching your property.


Classic Kitchen With Fitted Cupboards


It’s worth noting that there are varying costs associated with different fitted kitchen styles. Our in-frame kitchens are our most luxurious range due to their impeccable handcrafted and complex construction. A true German handleless fitted kitchen will also cost more as it relies on innovative and flawlessly manufactured premium technology.


Consider The Size Of Your Kitchen

Firstly, you may want to think about the size of your kitchen. If you have a smaller space, opting for a contemporary design can create a clean finish ensuring your kitchen looks uncluttered and, ultimately, more spacious. Equally, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of ‘concealed’ kitchens, where appliances and traditional features are hidden behind a run of modern handleless tower units.


stunning kitchens Birmingham


You will also need to decide how to balance the amount of worktop and cupboard space to suit your lifestyle. Glass fronted overhead cupboards in a classic shaker or in-frame style kitchen (like in the design below) can offer a beautiful and stylish addition to your range of storage options, giving you the opportunity to create a characterful display showcasing some of your favourite pieces and allowing plenty of worktop space below. However, you may find full-length units fantastic for creating additional storage. We love our range of magnificent handleless tower units; they’re absolutely ideal for a sleek and minimal, compact fitted kitchen design.


traditional kitchen design


While handleless kitchens are a popular option for their clean lines and innovative storage solutions, some of our clients do find them slightly more difficult to use, particularly on inbuilt refrigerators and appliances where the suction requires an extra force to open. We recommend you visit our showroom to experience using the mechanism for yourself. It may also be worth noting that gloss finish cabinetry normally associated with a modern style kitchen doesn’t tend to fare well in kitchens with young children, however, they are easy to wipe clean depending on how regularly you feel comfortable doing so. With a fitted in-frame kitchen, it is important to understand that the framed construction creates a smaller unit opening which may restrict cupboard access. You will also find this style has more intricate details that will make it trickier to clean and maintain. There are several practical considerations for both contemporary and traditional types of fitted kitchen that might influence your decision based on your lifestyle and space.


Choosing Kitchen Colour Scheme & Finishes

One of the most significant factors that will influence the look of your fitted kitchen is the use of colour and finish. Our client’s first thought when it comes to creating a kitchen colour scheme is often the cabinet colour. While this is certainly a primary consideration, there are many other elements within your fitted kitchen to consider, from walls, furniture, worktops, splashbacks, wall tiles to floors. For a cohesive look, it is important to balance your scheme throughout all these aspects.



Ultimately, specific colour schemes will have a similar effect on the atmosphere of a space whether used alongside modern or traditional cabinet styles, however, our handleless and flat-panel fitted kitchens offer an additional range of ultra-modern and unusual finishes such as metallic oxides, dark wood grains and urban stone effects. Shaker and in-frame kitchens are available in either wood grain or hand-painted finishes. Opting for bold, darker shades can bring drama and sophistication to your kitchen, giving a more contemporary edge to your design. Muted natural colour schemes incorporating beiges, olives and dusky pinks remain on-trend in 2021 and work beautifully in both modern and traditional fitted kitchens. Pair with natural wood finishes for a tranquil and warming tone.

Similarly, monochrome never goes out of style. Keep it understated with an elegant grey scheme or create a wow factor with a stunning black and white look. For more information on choosing the right colour scheme please read our dedicated article by clicking here.


Fitted kitchen birmingham


Choosing the perfect style of fitted kitchen to suit your home and your lifestyle can seem daunting. However, with an understanding of how different elements come together to shape the overall look, you can achieve a beautiful and unique design that’s both practical and stylish.

For further advice on choosing the right fitted kitchen style, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts. You can call us at our Birmingham showroom on 0121 405 1248 or email us at